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    How Catalyst Women On Board Works


    Catalyst Women On Board pairs women corporate director candidates with experienced corporate board members for two years.

    Identifying Catalyst Women On Board Women
      Based on Women On Board’s Selection Criteria, potential participants are identified largely through the Catalyst Corporate Board Resource listing of CEO-endorsed women.
    Selecting Catalyst Women On Board Women
      A selection committee chooses the women who most closely match our selection criteria. Selected women are invited to join Women On Board.
    Selecting Mentor/Sponsors for Individual Women
      We identify potential board sponsors considering several factors such as, experience, skills and expertise, networking potential, location, personality, and the individual woman’s needs and interests. Potential board sponsors are presented to each woman for consideration and she decides who among them is the best fit for her. A match is considered confirmed when both parties agree to work together.
      Throughout the two years, Catalyst Women On Board regularly connects with our women and board sponsors to ensure they are meeting and making progress, and to offer assistance and advice.

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