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Why We Created the Program

There is a very compelling business case for having more women on boards. Studies by Catalyst, McKinsey & Co. and The Conference Board of Canada say having more female directors has many benefits – that it’s good for the bottom line.

At the same time, Boards say they want more women directors. And we know there are many talented and capable executive women who want to serve on boards.

Yet despite all of this, Korn/Ferry International and Patrick O’Callaghan and Associates’ report, Corporate Board Governance and Director Compensation in Canada: A Review, says there are still few women in Canada’s corporate boardrooms.

Just 10% of directors at Canada’s 300 largest public companies are female.

46% of these boards have no women directors.

For more information about the The Business Case and why having women on boards should matter to Canada's corporate leaders, please click here.

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